Jiso Gallery

Jiso Gallery

Graphic identity and applications for art & craft gallery

Apr. 2017—Mar. 2018

Graphic Design: San Lee
Photography: Min–kyung Jang, Myung–rae Park
Curator: La–in Han

Graphic Identity, Website, Exhibition Materials–leaflet, book, postcard, invitation, document, fair booth, & poster design by San Lee. The project continued for 1 year from beginning of the gallery construction until the first exhibition.

공예와 예술 작품 전시공간과 취미 생활 강습을 운영하는 공간을 위해 1년간 진행된 프로젝트입니다. 개발된 Graphic Identity는 포스터, 현수막, 초대장, 전시회 및 박람회 홍보자료 및 웹사이트에 적용되었습니다.


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talkholic™ is a nickname of Seoul based graphic designer San Lee.