Rare Project

Rare Project™

Brand identity development for a French wine import & distribution co.

Sep. 2013—Jun. 2015

Art direction, package design, editorial design, and website design by San Lee

Brand identity development for wine. Product label, website, and PR materials—posters, postcards, leaflets, brochures, and catalogues were designed by San.

프랑스산 와인을 위한 브랜드 아이덴티티가 디자인되고, 와인과 웹사이트, 홍보자료에 적용되었습니다.

Tag design for bottles

Product description tag design for 5 different bottle sizes.

Audi Korea Challenge Award

Products were selected for official wine of Audi Challenge Korea.

Official website design

Trendy ‘one–page–website’ with minimal contents


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